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The law firm of Smith & Allen consists of Thomas Smith, lawyer, specializing in internet based law, Maria Jung, lawyer for trademark law and Dr Marco Allen, also specializing in trademark law.

Due to our extensive experience in various areas of the law, we are fully aware that a legal dispute comes at a great cost and tremendous burden, for both parties. We aim not only to achieve an agreement that is fully acceptable to you, but also to relieve you of any burden.

We specialize in utilizing the law to its fullest to satisfy your interests.

Our skills are not only based on academic achievement but also on experience gained from the myriad of legal cases we have successfully represented for our clients.

We look forward to hearing from you, whether it be by phone, email or in person at our welcoming offices. Moreover, we value a productive and successful working relationship and our interpersonal skills.

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Our approach is to work together with you, developing an optimal strategy that will succeed at a low cost!

We specialise in copyright, trademark and criminal law.

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